Cancer Genetics SIG



The Cancer Genetic group is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of HSGA and is affiliated with the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Familial Cancer Group. The SIG aims to provide cross disciplinary representation for members of the HGSA and COSA that work in all aspects Cancer Genetics.

The HGSA Cancer Genetics SIG/COSA Familial Cancer Group is represented by an executive committee with interest in the germline and somatic aspect of cancer genetics. The SIG represents over 200 members across Australia and New Zealand.

Our membership includes a broad range of professions such as; Clinical Geneticists, Genetic Counsellors, Oncologists, scientists, researchers and others who have an interest in cancer genetics.

We encourage anyone working in or with a special interest in cancer genetics to become a member of the HGSA Cancer Genetics SIG and COSA Familial Cancer Group.

Alongside providing representation for members on issues related to cancer genetics. The SIG directly offers members a range of education opportunities by way of professional development days, webinars and input into annual scientific meetings. We also aim to keep you informed of important news.